Welcome to my 50th birthday and the official launch of my (our) ON BEING YOU channel!

This conversation is about the unfolding of YOU, both in the individual and collective sense, wherever you are on your journey. You have come here—a place of rest, discovery, and love—at the perfect moment. Welcome to our ON BEING YOU tribe.

This is a place to share your journey, tell your story, and learn from others along the way. It is a den full of love and light. This is the first “out loud” or public way I am living my mission statement of “creating safe places for souls to show up”.  I am in the lesson in my life book of finding, sharing, and standing alongside my own voice. Being brave enough to speak my truth in a way that honors others while not diminishing me is the demon I am now slaying.  I welcome anyone that is up to the same in their own life to join me.

If you would like to share a poem, story, photo, video, and/or expression of self in a safe place, it and you are welcome here. To be true to my personal mission statement, anything that is not safe in any way for anyone will be addressed and perhaps removed if needed. I trust that if you come with love and light, it will be rare for you to cast a shadow. Though I don’t expect anyone will, it’s valuable to be clear.

Again, welcome and let’s get started – comment below to introduce yourself and anything else your soul feels compelled to share!