The Unleashing

Unleashing the power of “bee”ing seen, heard and understood.  I swim in a world of possibilities, dreams realized and strengths in full flight.  Today while transferring knowledge to a group of amazing humans, I was amongst my Tryb.  The vibration we created allowed for and fostered each person’s unique and dazzling powers to step into the light and be honored and loved.  Judgement and agenda’s suspended.

Strengthsfinder Awakening

While I am usually the facilitator of creating these safe places for souls to show up, today I was also able to experience being seen, honored, and loved.  It was in this moment that my futuristic strength realized the future was the present, my connectedness strength leap into the soul of the person witnessing me as though were one, my command wept tears of joy as she realized there was no crisis, my strategic relished in realization that while the journey is indeed key this moment was the reason for the journey, and my intellection took a welcomed back seat to my heart as it felt the power of being truly seen, heard, and understood.  I was blessed enough to witness this happen for each member of the Tryb in one way or another. It was an honor. 

Healing the Hidden

This love settled in and started a healing process I wasn’t even present I needed, I suppose so much of our healing is in hiding.  Over the next few days the abscess this love touched festered and came out in not so lovely behaviors.  Then after some awareness and a much-needed nap I awoke having integrated this love exchange. My strengths being more realized and shifting into further sophistication.

It is with a full and humbled heart and witnessed soul that I thank and witness the other nine souls that showed up for this refining of self and each other.  With deep respect for, Carrie, Rebecca, Laura Z, Wilhelmina, Laura M, Randy, Eddy and Sheri, THANK YOU and I see and love you all!

Soul to Soul,