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The Unleashing Unleashing the power of “bee”ing seen, heard and understood.  I swim in a world of possibilities, dreams realized and strengths in full flight.  Today while transferring knowledge to a group of amazing humans, I was amongst my Tryb.  The vibration we created allowed for and fostered each person’s unique and dazzling powers to step into the light and be honored and loved.  Judgement and agenda’s suspended. Strengthsfinder Awakening While I am usually the facilitator of creating these safe places for souls to show up, today I was also able to experience being seen, honored, and loved.  It...

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Success Defined as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.  This word used to drive me, the constant attainment of degrees, certifications, and at some level stuff.  As I entered my forties I started to reevaluate what success was for me apart from the societal prescriptions I had adopted without questioning them. Defining Success for Myself As I started to explore what success was for me, I was living the corporate American dream. I started my day dressed in business attire and traveling an hour to an hour and half each way, into Houston to pay for parking and take...

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Hair is a place to hide. When I was younger, if someone had told me I wrapped a large part of who I thought I was into my hair, I would have scoffed. The realization of this very truth came to me around my 46th year of life as the dance of coloring my locks to hide the gray became part of a bi-monthly routine. Fast forward to my 48th year, and I would start to reach out to a community of women that had let it all go for the gray. As part of the letting go process,...

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Three years ago, I started collecting smiles when I traveled. I remember the moment that brought this idea forward vividly: I was in the Chicago Airport traveling through the tunnel and admiring the pretty lights. I looked around trying to make eye contact with someone I might share the experience of the fun and vibrant colored tubes with. The problem was, I couldn’t find anyone. It wasn’t for lack of options – there were plenty of people around, they just weren’t willing or able to make eye contact.  Rather, they had their heads down in their phones or straight ahead, as if there was...

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Welcome to our “On Being You” Tribe

Welcome to my 50th birthday and the official launch of my (our) ON BEING YOU channel! This conversation is about the unfolding of YOU, both in the individual and collective sense, wherever you are on your journey. You have come here—a place of rest, discovery, and love—at the perfect moment. Welcome to our ON BEING YOU tribe. This is a place to share your journey, tell your story, and learn from others along the way. It is a den full of love and light. This is the first “out loud” or public way I am living my mission statement...

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